4 Commenting On Blogs Tips For Results


If you haven’t learned already, commenting is a great for building the popularity of your blog with lots of targeted backlinks which can help to gain more directed traffic which in turn is your opportunity to make more money online.

To make blog commenting work more efficiently it’s wise to focus on the blogs that match your keyword focus. Relevancy goes a long way. I actually find so many people trying to comment on my blogs but get rejected because their is no common ground in our blogs.

Be sure you check blogs before commenting. Make sure they are worth your time and not just spam blogs, also look to see that they update their content on a regular basis. I expect them to be blogging at least a couple of times each week, more if possible. One more thing, expect to wait a day or two before you’re approved, again this is due to so many comment spammers.


1. Add Value To The Blog Post: I have an ever growing number of blogs so I tend to get a lot of comment requests but sadly by far the most are spam and just get rejected. So be sure you read the blog post and add some value to the site with your comment.

You can stroke my ego all day but it’s not going to get you approved. On the other hand if you add more to the article for my readers, now that can get you approved.

It’s simple, just don’t play people like they are fools and give our readers something worth reading.

2. Be First To Leave A Comment: Being the first on the scene to comment can make a huge difference in your results.

It just makes good sense that those who are late get left behind. So don’t bother blogging on old posts, if they already have lots of comments. But, if you are the first or in the first few most site visitors will get to see your comment, even the blog owner and that can make a huge difference in the traffic to your site.

I use Bloglines to follow blogs because it allows me to see the blogs which have new updates, at a glance, so I can get to them and comment as soon as possible.

3. Comment On And Link To Relevant Sites: I follow every link in a comment because I don’t want to let spammers get through so for this reason it’s best to link to a relevant site, you get accepted more often.

4. Look For High PR Blogs To Comment On: It’s simple, sites that are more popular get more traffic, target traffic, so I try to find those sites, relevant to my own content and post comments. It gets me a lot more target traffic.

The more popular the blog is that you wish to comment on the more you need to refer back to point #1 and #2. Add Value and Be The First To Comment.

I have found blog commenting to be just this easy, but it takes regular work on your part, if you want your comments accepted and productive.

In conclusion I would like to add that those who ignore blog owner warnings about using keywords in the name field deserve to have their blog comments rejected.

Choosing SEO Web Services

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely essential online marketing strategy. It helps boost a website’s presence in various search engines through diverse approaches. If your website features a high search engine ranking, it has the potential to get more website visitors. Nowadays, web business owners become a little more aware of the significance of SEO link building with regard to their business.

These days, it is easy to find hundreds to even tens of thousands of link building companies on the web. They offer numerous services at competitive prices that will help you improve your website’s visibility and popularity. Yet selecting the best one can be quite a tricky job. Listed here are some tips that may help you find one that offers professional SEO services:

1. Familiarize yourself with the service plans offered by the service provider. It is essential to select a company with sufficient knowledge about features that are able to attract more search engine visitors. Additionally, they should be able to provide in depth information on how to conduct an SEO campaign consisting of search engine optimization techniques, website assessment, and much more.

2. Assess the company’s website. While searching for the best link development provider to engage, take your time to go to their website and examine it. In this way you’ll be able to measure their reputation and performance. It’s also wise to find out the company’s search engine ranking. You can’t expect to get a high position for your website when the company you employ doesn’t even have a great ranking.

3. Check out their service rates. Excellent SEO services do not really have to set you back a king’s ransom. Make certain that those services are cost-effective and there aren’t any hidden charges.

4. Collect details about their encounter. Before selecting a provider to do business with, you need to have a look at their past record. Check their experiences within the last several years meticulously because only a professional company provides the required expertise to carryout excellent and effective SEO strategies.

5. Obtain recommendations with friends or business partners. Asking your friends or business associates is the easiest method to acquire dependable recommendations. This is a wise decision to employ a link building service which has dealt with one of your friends or business associates in the past.