Article Marketing Strategy – Content For Syndication


Not many people trying to crack the code on how to make money online for beginners choose to employ an internet article marketing strategy. This is mainly because this is a highly misunderstood area of expertise in SEO and internet marketing.

People tend to think that there is no possible value to be derived from submitting a handful of articles to a directory. What they don’t realize is that they can gain much if they write with syndication in mind.

The mere act of content submission to a couple of directories can lead to some basic benefits. For one, every accepted submission will give you two or more links pointing to your site in the body or end portion of an article.

Readers who like the way you write or who find your information useful will often take the next step and visit your site through your link. This is where a lot get disappointed.

The truth is that you won’t get a huge amount of traffic to your site with just an article or two published. This however is not the real secret behind this method. If your content count remains low, you can’t expect much but you can improve your chances of getting more site visitors if you write for syndication purposes.

Syndication is a basic concept you just can’t miss. In simple terms it is the act of spreading good content around that is attributed to its originator. What this generally means is that people who like what you’ve written will be glad to pass it around. The best directories even encourage syndication with click and re publish tools. Naturally though, a lot of articles don’t get syndicated. This may be because of how they were written or structured.

A main internet article marketing strategy to ensure that syndication does happen is to center on high quality writing. This is the only way you can encourage your readers to spread the word about you. Quality writing can be defined in several different ways but online, this usually takes on the form of useful information or instructional material. People love to gobble up unique and expert insights about specific concerns. You would thus do best to pen articles related to tips, strategies, steps, tutorials and the like.

The technical aspects of writing are also worth looking into. You may have very good, original content but these may still do you no good if you fail on certain technical elements. Grammar is perhaps the most important of all technical issues to check. Be mindful though that there is an additional requirement to craft text specifically for internet readers. While different kinds of people flock online, many of those who look for tips and tutorials aren’t looking for literary masterpieces. Write clearly and in a concise manner. Make sure that instructions are relayed without the chances of double interpretations.

There is no deep, dark secret to earning online through internet article marketing. It all really boils down to producing outstanding content that people will find useful. Good articles automatically get spread online.