27 Using The Best Spinner I Have Been Able To Produce So Much More Unique Content


What would possess anyone to use a tool like The Best Spinner to run off dozens of new articles from just one article? How about hundreds and hundreds of one way links pointing back to the sites you want to get more traffic to by publishing them to the top article networks and directories.

Spinning articles using The Best Spinner was one of my smarter moves and I can still produce unique articles without rewriting them all manually and that saves me so much time. It sure beats publishing duplicate content which doesn’t do so well these days as the search engines are going to respond to them as well as unique content.

I have used a number of article spinners and have always returned to The Best Spinner. Why change if it’s doing everything I need it to do, right. Not only does it spin my articles into new unique articles but I can even publish individual articles to my own blogs at a click of a button. To make things even easier as well as better I can use my own CopyScape account, right from within TBS to check to make sure my article is unique. That only costs me 5 cents per article, very affordable for the comfort it gives me.

I started using The Best Spinner by going for the 7 Day Trial For $7 and was sold on it in my first hour of use. It’s amazing and I was happy to pay the $77 for a whole year of using TBS.

Using The Best Spinner I can start writing my article, my main article, which all my other articles will be spun from, and add or exchange synonyms and phrases, as I’m writing or after I’ve completed the original article.

Hold on that’s not all. One thing that saves me so much time is using Private Label Rights articles to jump start articles. I love using PLR articles on the days I’m just not too motivated and that tends to happy a lot more the older I get.

The Purpose of Using The Best Spinner Is To Remain Unique With Your Resulting Articles

Having so many blogs I like to use articles other have written so I go to article directories to find them. Sadly they can be hard to find today as many users of article spinners just automate the process and produce word and phrase replacements that don’t match the content, rendering them useless to me as I won’t publish crap on my site because I don’t want my readers leaving my site due to poor quality content that I didn’t even write.

This means you don’t get any target traffic to your pages from those junk articles. You are losing potential target traffic, which in my books isn’t too bright.

The Best Spinner Has The Ability To Protect Important Terms Like Your Keywords

The first couple of times I used The Best Spinner I found my keywords got swapped out with other synonyms. I even allowed a few articles to actually get published without my keywords in them at all. That was because I didn’t pay attention to what I was doing. Then I got around to learning a bit more and found the Protect Terms tab and have never swapped out my keywords since.

Example: If your keyword phrase for a specific article is ‘article marketing’ then you don’t want it swapped out with something like, ‘write-up advertising’.

Try Choosing Words and Phrases Individually And See The Results

I have stopped using the auto replace synonyms and use Replace Favorites instead. The reason I do this is due to the fact the synonyms database is user generated, which is great but dangerous if you use the auto replace. However the Favorites is created by you so they should fit better with your niches, just be sure you still proof read your results.

Today I have many favorites saved and can click one button to have 30 percent of my article rewritten with phrases I have chosen and saved as my favorites. This was I save time and still get quality results.

In conclusion I would say that you can’t go wrong with The Best Spinner, especially when you can give it a try for 7 Days For Just $7 and after that it’s only $77 for an entire year. The Best Spinner is how I can continue publishing so much content to all my sites to increase my target traffic and make more money.

Don’t waste another moment of your time rewriting articles manually, give The Best Spinner a try and save yourself hours and hours of time. Learn more about article marketing here.

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