Five Backlinking Mistakes That Will Cost You


When you work to get your webpages ranking higher in search engine result pages it takes a good SEO strategy to be successful. My favourite is to use backlinking or link building through article marketing.

I’m not sure what your searching habits are but research over the years has proven that the majority of those using search engines to find things usually don’t go past the first page of SERPs, some do go as far as page 2 but then most often refine their search and try again.

What does this mean to you? Well if you aren’t located on the first page of Google or other top search engines you just may not be able to make any money. Until you get there which takes research and work.

Backlinking Works When Done Correctly
You will find a number of methods for getting those vital backlinks to your important pages which will help to push your pages up in the rankings. There are however a lot of ways to mess up when link building but they are avoidable with a little know-how.

First Mistake: Linking to pages that aren’t relevant to your article. That sounds like an easy thing to avoid and it is but it still happens every single day. So pay attention to thge keywords you use and make certain you are linking to one of your pages that matches.

Second Mistake: Linking to pages that are duplicate content. I really can’t believe marketers do this but I see it every single day I work my business.

When rewriting or spinning your articles it gives you an opprotunity to link to build traffic and page rank but so many over look this and still publish the same article, even if it’s rewritten a little, to a page with the same article.

When I am looking for something specific and have my plastic at the ready and then click the link in an article expecting to be taken to more helpful info only to land on a page with the same content. Well I just leave and they don’t get my business.

Third Mistake: Not Using Keyworded Link Text. This is an area where blunders can really hold you back. There really is no reason why a marketer wouldn’t use keyworded text to form their links but again I see this blunder daily and it’s not always new marketers that make this mistake.

You article, if created properly, should have a specific keyword density using keywords that match your niche and that you can rank for. Then it’s vital that you use those keywords as link text for the biggest bang for your buck or effort.

Fourth Mistake: Reciprocal Linking Over One-Way-Linking. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours or reciprocal linking has lost it’s effectiveness over the years and has been replaced with the more powerful linking method of one way linking.

In the eyes of the search engines reciprocal linking isn’t nearly as valuable as one way links. One way links say that the site linked to is worth linking to because they are not getting a link back like one does with reciprocal linking.

I’m not sure why new marketers like to use ‘click here’ as their link text as it doesn’t help them in any way. Doesn’t it make much more sense to have something that is keyworded to ones niche?

Fifth Mistake: Non-Relevant Commenting. Blog commenting is an area that has great potential for getting the attention of other blog owners as well as their visitors.

The blunder here is spamming. Some just spam with non relevant commenting while others think they are doing great when they say something like ‘great post, I learned a lot, thanks’ and then leave a link.

In order to make blog commenting work effectively today you need to be the first to comment on a post, or near the first and you need to add value to the article with your comment.

This means you need to read the article and take the time to either ask a quality question based on the content or add value by adding something readers will want to read.

Blog commenting the correct way will usually get the blog owner’s attention and visitors, but you need to be near the #1 spot of you may just get missed.